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websitedesigningsingapore delivers effective hands-on Drupal training for both technical and non-technical users. Whether you are trying to acquire basic Drupal skills, or pursuing more advanced capabilities such as theming or module development, our expert trainers can get you up to speed quickly. In addition to our prescribed courses, we also offer custom, onsite training tailored to your specific needs. 


As an Acquia Training Partner, our workshops utilize a standardized and proven approach to learning Drupal. Workshops are hands-on, where students practice their skills while they learn. We keep our class sizes small to ensure each student receives individualized attention from the instructor. You will leave our workshops equipped with the tools and resources to take on your next Drupal challenge. View the full course catalogue.

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Drupal course contents

How to start

  • Explaining about dynamic website
  • Installation of drupal system
  • Understanding the admin panel


  • Front end: we will select 5 pages html page. We will convert same like html.
  • Implementing seo part in drupal


How drupal is different from other cms

  • Key terms or features in Drupal
  • Drupal's interface


Installing Drupal

  • Downloading and installing Acquia/Drupal on a PC


Drupal setup

  • Automating updates with cron
  • Setting up clean URLs
  • Backing up your Drupal site


  • Restoring your Drupal site from backup
  • Wiping your Drupal installation clean
  • Updating Drupal


Drupal Administration

  • Administration menu
  • Site information
  • Setting the theme


Managing Users

  • Security and Permissions
  • Creating contact forms


  • Creating users
  • Setting user profiles


  • Controlling site access with user management


Site's Identity

  • Basic info Pages


  • Page Layout
  • Layout with blocks

Keeping your Site Running

  • Monitoring performance
  • Recovering from disasters


  • Improving Administration


Building Content Nodes

  • Nodes or page
  • Forums
  • Stories and article
  • Polls
  • Blogs

Managing Site Content

  • Content categories
  • Exchanging content via RSS
  • Input filters
  • Comments
  • Site's Appearance with Themes and CSS
  • Choosing theme
  • Changing your theme's graphics
  • Finding and installing a new theme

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Modifying CSS Files


  • Finding modules
  • Installing modules
  • Configuring modules

Must-Have Modules

  • Automated updates with poormanscron
  • Custom content types with CCK
  • Views


  • Multilevel menus
  • Custom Menus

Drupal Data Fields

  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)
  • Creating new content types with CCK
  • Hiding the Body field
  • CCK field data in the Title field
  • CCK field placement
  • CCK's other features
  • Other CCK field types
  • Date as a CCK field
  • Images as CCK fields
  • Connecting content to existing nodes
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)

Taxonomies to categorize and group data

Views Basics

  • Simple Views
  • Views Interface
  • Adding fields to a view
  • Sort, Filter, and Field options in Views
  • View displays as pages, blocks, and RSS feeds

Appearance of Views

  • Overriding Default Settings
  • Attaching Information to Views
  • View appearances with grid, list, and table formatting
  • Other basic display settings in Views
  • Control a view's appearance through CSS

More control with Views

  • Importing, exporting, and cloning views
  • Controlling access to views
  • Built-in views
  • Views Arguments
  • Views Relationships
  • Putting Data into Other Forms
  • Exporting data in tabular form


  • Multilingual Support system
  • Panel and Layout
  • SEO Checklist
  • Creating theme in drupal
  • Deployment of project into server

How we are starting

  • Multilingual Support system
  • Panel and Layout
  • SEO Checklist
  • Creating theme in drupal
  • Deployment of project into server

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